Full Circle’s Next Chapter

We have served faithfully in North County San Diego for 7 years in July! Wow! What an amazing journey and privilege to serve thousands of people! Full Circle has been a Non-Profit for 3 and half years within this time period. Together with our volunteer team we have provided a unique recovery process through our fellowship/outreach and extended services.  We have demonstrated a process that brings value to the lives of many and the community. We provided a safe place for fellowship, dinner, recovery tools for adults and children to make better choices and share Jesus love through his principles.  We have sponsored, mentored, delivered food, clothes, furniture and networked with other resources for people when able. We held car wash fundraisers and provided a place for people to give back. Our motto has been “serve others and they will in turn serve and everything comes around full circle”.  We have united together in victories and challenges. We have filled a gap in the community and demonstrated a successful process.  Most of all we have been a family when needed  and developed relationships with so many that we will cherish forever. You and your children are in our hearts! Our hope has always been to make an impact in the lives of others to show Jesus love, give them tools and practical assistance to have a more enriched life.

We have achieved our goal with Jesus help. And with everything comes change!

Full Circle Non-Profit is evolving!!! We are turning a corner and it couldn’t be at better time for a couple of reasons. As we felt God pressing upon us to reevaluate our services, abilities, resources and future opportunities – it is with unison that Larry and I desire to transition personally and redirect Full Circle initiatives.  We are taking steps to launch some home base businesses, relocate up north where Larry is from and expand Full Circle initiatives in a new way.

As we were praying and pondering when the right time would be for this transition, we were introduced to a pastor at Emmanuel Bible Church. They have plans to serve in many ways that we have and more, at the very time we were thinking of making the change. They have the resources and a refreshed spirit to continue in similar aspects to our unique and demonstrated FCRP within their ministry and church. Clearly God has provided through us and now them for this community. We are passing on the torch for the fellowship after our 7 year  celebration on July 25th. We hope you will join us for the celebration! Look for an email or FB invitation to our celebration.

So what’s happening with FULL CIRCLE in the next chapter? We are still a non-profit and plan to continue to serve through this umbrella, but we will do it differently.

Here is our revised mission and a few of the initiatives we are working on that fit with our mission of serving families in transition. They coincide with our new direction for our life. We will continue to clearly define them as we go forward. See formal version on –

“Home Page”  –  Mission & Vision of website.

Our Mission: Support organizations assisting people in transition from homelessness, addictions and hardships. Provide training and equipping of the recovery process, advocates of community resources and individual mentoring.


  • Teach/Train the Full Circle Recovery Process (FCRP) model in communities: Provide curriculum content and a tested and demonstrated process that works
  • Advocates to Community Resources that provide critical work development, training and experience such as:

-Entrepreneur Business Training Program/Funding for people with felonies and misdemeanors:  Speak on the company’s (Defy Ventures) behalf, network with individuals and resources and provide information.

  • Full Circle internships to gain work experience for future employment and opportunities with other service providers. (See below)
  • Development and maintenance of a referral data base to like minded community resources. Network with them and collaborate on experiences
  • Exploratory work on a process designed to funnel volunteers and financial resources to community resources
  • On going individual mentoring
  • On line services: Women/teens “Dare to Dream empowerment”  / Recovery Blog / Online Bookstore Resource

We encourage people to check out what God will be doing in N. County through Emanuel Bible Church and what He will continue to do through Full Circle as well.

We will send out periodic newsletters and you will see us on social media!

Thank you to everyone through the years that helped make all our services possible. We our humbly thankful to you and all the people we have met and served in the current capacity! Your faces are all etched in our hearts! We love you and God bless you!

As we evolve, we look forward to what God will be doing through us and others.

***Donors at this time we still welcome donations to continue to cover expenses through end of July  for our current services and to implement our new initiatives. We would be more then happy to discuss everything with you more personally. We also hope to derive an income for Full Circle through some of the above initiatives. Please click on the “Donation” button below or this will send you to our page where you can see ways to donate through Pay Pal or send a check. Thank you so much!


We’re having a Car Wash Fundraiser! Saturday April 18th, 10:30 am, 761 Eucalyptus Ave. Vista. Mark your calendars!


Treat your car to a wash, buy them for your friends/family! All proceeds go for monthly rent and operations for Full Circle Non-Profit. Please  click on DONATION TAB TO RIGHT and pay through Pay Pal with a Credit Card. Indicate CAR WASH & how many and we will get you your tickets Checks, cash accepted TOO!

COME ON OVER COMMUNITY…WE NEED VOLUNTEERS ALSO! PLEASE EMAIL US AT fullcirclesd@yahoo.com. We welcome folks who need community service hours to help!


New Year! New Schedule and Service!

Here is what our new schedule looks like!


 Full Circle Fellowship!  Same thing…same place!

1st, 2nd, 3rd Saturdays ONLY at 6 – 8 pm! 

761 Eucalyptus Ave., Vista!

Fellowship, Dinner, Live Music, Talk, Support Groups and Children’s Programs!


New Men’s Life Recovery Bible study begins, Thursday, January 8th @ 6-7:15 pm.

2nd and 4th Thursdays, 991 Postal Way, Apt., # 2


Women’s Book Study continues in Desire, Thursday, January 8th @ 6-7:15 pm.

2nd and 4th Thursdays, 991 Postal Way, Apt., #17.


Hope to see you there!

Meet Lily and family!


Saturday is a day my family and I look forward to, not just because it is the weekend but because we meet at FC. Coming to the ladies group is something I look forward to because it’s where I find hope, peace, serenity, acceptance and spirituality which is most important. It ‘s a place where I always feel welcomed and loved. My children love coming not just because of the treats and seeing their friends, but they continue to make new ones. They really look forward to seeing them and chatting about their own issues and studying about Jesus Christ. And without realizing it, they are getting closer to Him by doing so. Least to say, we are graciously helped with food donations that are always needed and greatly appreciated by the excited youngest attendees to the parents that may be struggling to make ends meet. We thank FC for being here for us, from the founders, the child care helpers, wonderful volunteers and everyone who donates to them, whether it is time or supplies. We want you to know whether you are directly or indirectly involved it has made my family happier one way or another. Thank you all for being a part in our FC. May God bless you all with even more than you have given to us from spirituality to hope, love, peace, tranquility, but most importantly the strength to go on and continue with our daily journey to a better life and thereafter. ~Lily- family of 5

Christmas Blessings!

Full Circle is getting ready for Christmas! We are planning our annual Christmas party for our fellowship!

We are partnering with Toys for Tots, and talking to merchants for gift card donations!  So far several have been receptive. We are also praying for partners to donate Walmart and Target Cards so that everyone who attends will be blessed with something!

This year we are adding Christmas cookie decorating and ornament making for the children. We hope Santa will pay another visit too. We are currently underway working on the music program, food and more!

We always pray about a family to bless and take somewhere for Christmas. We are hoping to go down to San Diego for the Parade of Lights! This year we are going to do a first and take the gals from our support group to lunch at Bucca’s…..an extra special treat!

During this rush for blessing others for Christmas  and getting ready for the New Year, I am always convicted to stop and remember that we are celebrating this because Jesus was born to come and save us!  Do you know Jesus today? If not please pray for openness to know the only one that can give us everlasting  joy!

(If you are interested in partnering with us, please consider making a donation right here by clicking on the DONATION button  top right. You can donate through Pay Pal and use your Credit Card even if you do not have a Pay Pal account. Checks can also  be made payable to Full Circle and mailed to the address on the donation page, as well as gift cards.  Please indicate where you would like the funds to be designated).

Thank you  for your consideration!

Donation Blessing

We received a call over a month ago that a friend of Full Circle’s passed away. His name was Chris and he met Larry at local 12 step meeting in 2012. Larry shared with him about our passion to help others and that we were starting a non-profit. Chris was quick to want to help us! He was a board member of a local charity Health and Harmony. He guided us to submit our first proposal for a grant and went to work to present it. We were blessed with a grant to help kick off Full Circle in 2012.. He remained in touch and stopped by a few times and even brought another board member to our fellowship!

When we received this call not only were they informing us of Chris’s passing but that in his honor they were considering another grant for Full Circle. We have since been approved and received the grant. God’s ways and timing are sometimes unexpected. We were sad about the passing but thankful for the grant/donation to help us continue through the end of the year with some extra support!

Thank you Chris and thank you Health and Harmony! We will miss you Chris!

Family in need of furniture items

Hey Folks,


One of our services is to network, network and network with the community to team up together to serve others!


We know a family that has moved on their own out of program! Mom, Dad and 4 children!!!!  If you can help, here is what they need.

*Kitchen table N chairs
*Bunk beds or day bed
*Bar stools
*Night stands


Please contact us with any leads.

Operational expenses needed for Oct-December $2,370.00

Here we are approaching the end of the year. If you would consider a donation to helps us meet our needs through December we would be grateful.  Full Circle Non-Profit 501 c 3 Charity. We are trying to raise $2,370.00 for operational costs.

Here is a little about us and what we do!

How long have we been doing this? We have been serving in the Vista  and surrounding communities since 2008. We started FC 2012 and became a charity/non-profit in 2013.

What do you do? We serve all week long. We deliver food to  families/individuals not receiving food stamps, out of work or just on a very limited budget doing all they can to make ends meet.  We do this Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. We connect people to resources such as rehabs, trans housing, furniture needs and more. We have also delivered furniture when possible. We mentor, sponsor and hold book/bible studies in the community. We provide clothes, toys a gas/hotel voucher when there is funding. We provide a Christian recovery fellowship every Saturday that provides food, live music, talk, support groups to deal with things we are trying to grow in. We have developed a Christian curriculum for Adults and children of all ages to apply to life’s struggles and addictions. Most of all we provide Jesus love and direction to support the growth in people’s lives.

Where does the funding go? The funding goes for operational costs in full. Rent, insurance, gas, food and product supplement, blessings to people when can for clothes or needed items, bibles, printing and other program needs.

Why are we serving, especially with limited funds and resources?  Because Jesus worked in both Larry and Susan in different ways and gave them HIS love to share, teach and minister to others. To show people that are struggling in life that there are people out there that love them where they are at.  We help them grow and expand with Jesus and recovery tools. We show them that they matter even when society says they don’t because they may not have the stellar background of  money, education, class and opportunity! We all have CLASS because of JESUS. We were created in HIS image and there is no NORMAL. There is not one mold we fit into. JESUS is the mold and he came for everyone!

Christmas in August!



We were blessed with a donation of barbie dolls and misc. small toys, so we had Christmas in August for kids ages 5-12 that come to our fellowship. We thought it would be sweet for them to pick out 3 toys each. Valencia also stopped by to do some face painting. Some of the teens helped by welcoming them with a balloon and making ice cream cones. A fun summer treat.


Cool stuff!

Car Wash and Bake Sale Fundraiser Saturday, August 16th 10:30-2:30pm

August 16th, CAR WASH & Bake Sale FUNDRAISER 10:30-2:30 at 761 Eucalyptus. Tickets $5

Tickets are $5.00 each and can be bought ahead of time on this website by clicking the donation button and paying through pay pal, sending in a check to Full Circle at 699 N. Vulcan Ave., #91 Encinitas 92024, or meeting us. Drive through donations accepted that day also.

We are also in need of volunteers to help wash cars/hold signs.


Please contact us at 760-473-2061 or email us at fullcirclesd@yahoo.com.