Operational expenses needed for Oct-December $2,370.00

Here we are approaching the end of the year. If you would consider a donation to helps us meet our needs through December we would be grateful.  Full Circle Non-Profit 501 c 3 Charity. We are trying to raise $2,370.00 for operational costs.

Here is a little about us and what we do!

How long have we been doing this? We have been serving in the Vista  and surrounding communities since 2008. We started FC 2012 and became a charity/non-profit in 2013.

What do you do? We serve all week long. We deliver food to  families/individuals not receiving food stamps, out of work or just on a very limited budget doing all they can to make ends meet.  We do this Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. We connect people to resources such as rehabs, trans housing, furniture needs and more. We have also delivered furniture when possible. We mentor, sponsor and hold book/bible studies in the community. We provide clothes, toys a gas/hotel voucher when there is funding. We provide a Christian recovery fellowship every Saturday that provides food, live music, talk, support groups to deal with things we are trying to grow in. We have developed a Christian curriculum for Adults and children of all ages to apply to life’s struggles and addictions. Most of all we provide Jesus love and direction to support the growth in people’s lives.

Where does the funding go? The funding goes for operational costs in full. Rent, insurance, gas, food and product supplement, blessings to people when can for clothes or needed items, bibles, printing and other program needs.

Why are we serving, especially with limited funds and resources?  Because Jesus worked in both Larry and Susan in different ways and gave them HIS love to share, teach and minister to others. To show people that are struggling in life that there are people out there that love them where they are at.  We help them grow and expand with Jesus and recovery tools. We show them that they matter even when society says they don’t because they may not have the stellar background of  money, education, class and opportunity! We all have CLASS because of JESUS. We were created in HIS image and there is no NORMAL. There is not one mold we fit into. JESUS is the mold and he came for everyone!

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