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Hello, thanks for visiting! We want you to know ALL DONATIONS go for funding operations of Full Circle and Sharing the FCRP with others! No salaries are taken at this time! Donations will be applied to implementing new initiatives, Giving to People in Need in various forms listed on our Mission/Vision Page. Such as Job transitions/urgent bills, Moving Security Deposits, Food, New Born needs, and Holiday Gifting.

We welcome questions, and would love to meet with you to share about our continued chapters!

Thank you to all who have donated and that are considering donating! We cannot do this without you!

Donation Options:

Full Circle is a Non-Profit 501(c) (3).

1. Checks can be made payable to Susan Benedict at this time. When we have our new checking out they can be made to Full Circle. Mailing address to 699 N. Vulcan Ave #91, Encinitas, CA 92024


2. You can donate through Pay Pal now by clicking the “Donate” button below:


All donations are tax deductible!