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Larry and Susan Benedict

Welcome to Full Circle! We are a Non-Profit 501(c) (3). 

Larry Benedict, CEO and Founder, comes with personal life experiences that adds to his passion of making a difference in people’s lives struggling with addictions, homelessness and hardships. His belief that a balance of Jesus and a recovery process to apply to everything in life will make the difference. Being authentic and real and sharing together with like minded people is the key to transformation. His desire to speak the truth with his personal testimony and giving glory to God for his transformation contributes to the success. He assisted in spear heading an outreach program that started in 2008 at a local church together with his wife, Susan.

Susan Benedict, CFO, Treasure, comes with a desire and passion to inspire and build into women and families lives. After experiencing personal hardships and setbacks she found Jesus and is committed to helping others in their transition and growth. It all started with a passion to serve youth in 1996 with a youth ministry at a local church in Ohio for 4 years. She later went on staff at an international mission organization serving college students and overseeing recruitment and training of volunteers for 4 years. She felt led to relocate to San Diego to serve women and children in transition with some local ministries. Susan’s heart is to build personal relationships and extend assistance spiritually and practically. Upon marrying Larry, their vision merged making this a great combination to advance God’s kingdom through the desires of their heart together as a couple.

It was apparent an amazing fellowship was blossoming through their serving over the 3 and half year time span with dedication and purpose to build relationships and make a difference in peoples lives.

Larry and Susan’s vision and mission evolved in the community with an amazing team of volunteers, thus Full Circle emerged. They formed a non-profit in 2012 to encompass all that God has inspired and equipped  them to do.The fellowship and extended services of providing before, during and aftercare through the FCRP model was a huge success. Their life and Full Circle’s initiatives are evolving and continue to represent their commitment to impact the people’s lives and show Jesus love.

Introducing Full Circle’s new initiatives August 1, 2015.

We have served faithfully in North County San Diego for 7 years in July! Wow! What an amazing journey and privilege to serve thousands of people! Full Circle has been a Non-Profit for 3 and half years within this time period. Together with our volunteer team we have provided a unique recovery process through our fellowship/outreach and extended services.  We have demonstrated a process that brings value to the lives of many and the community. We provided a safe place for fellowship, dinner, recovery tools for adults and children to make better choices and share Jesus love through his principles.  We have sponsored, mentored, delivered food, clothes, furniture and networked with other resources for people when able. We held car wash fundraisers and provided a place for people to give back. Our motto has been “serve others and they will in turn serve and everything comes around full circle”.  We have united together in victories and challenges. We have filled a gap in the community and demonstrated a successful process.  Most of all we have been a family when needed  and developed relationships with so many that we will cherish forever. You and your children are in our hearts! Our hope has always been to make an impact in the lives of others to show Jesus love, give them tools and practical assistance to have a more enriched life.

We have achieved our goal with Jesus help. And with everything comes change!

Full Circle Non-Profit is evolving!!! We are turning a corner and it couldn’t be at better time for a couple of reasons. As we felt God pressing upon us to reevaluate our services, abilities, resources and future opportunities – it is with unison that Larry and I desire to transition personally and redirect Full Circle initiatives.  We are taking steps to launch some home base businesses, relocate up north where Larry is from and expand Full Circle initiatives in a new way.

As we were praying and pondering when the right time would be for this transition, we were introduced to a pastor at Emmanuel Bible Church. They have plans to serve in many ways that we have and more, at the very time we were thinking of making the change. They have the resources and a refreshed spirit to continue in similar aspects to our unique and demonstrated FCRP within their ministry and church. Clearly God has provided through us and now them for this community. We are passing on the torch for the fellowship after our 7 year  celebration on July 25th. We hope you will join us for the celebration! Look for an email or FB invitation to our celebration.

So what’s happening with FULL CIRCLE in the next chapter? We are still a non-profit and plan to continue to serve through this umbrella, but we will do it differently.

Here is our revised mission and a few of the initiatives we are working on that fit with our mission of serving families in transition. They coincide with our new direction for our life. We will continue to clearly define them as we go forward. (See formal version on “Home Page” – “Mission & Vision” of website)

Our Mission: Support organizations assisting people in transition from homelessness, addictions and hardships. Provide training and equipping of the recovery process, advocates of community resources and individual mentoring.


  • Teach/Train the Full Circle Recovery Process (FCRP) model in communities: Provide curriculum content and a tested and demonstrated process that works
  • Advocates to Community Resources that provide critical work development, training and experience such as:

-Entrepreneur Business Training Program/Funding for people with felonies and misdemeanors:  Speak on the company’s (Defy Ventures) behalf, network with individuals and resources and provide information.

  • Full Circle internships to gain work experience for future employment and opportunities with other service providers. (See below)
  • Development and maintenance of a referral data base to like minded community resources. Network with them and collaborate on experiences
  • Exploratory work on a process designed to funnel volunteers and financial resources to community resources
  • On going individual mentoring
  • On line services: Women/teens “Dare to Dream empowerment”  / Recovery Blog / Online Bookstore Resource

We encourage people to check out what God will be doing in N. County through Emanuel Bible Church and what He will continue to do through Full Circle as well.

We will send out periodic newsletters and you will see us on social media!

Thank you to everyone through the years that helped make all our services possible. We our humbly thankful to you and all the people we have met and served in the current capacity! Your faces are all etched in our hearts! We love you and God bless you!

As we evolve, we look forward to what God will be doing through us and others.

***Donors at this time we still welcome donations to cover expenses through end of July and to implement our new initiatives. We would be more then happy to discuss everything with you more personally. We also hope to derive an income for Full Circle through some of the above initiatives. Please click on the “Donate” button on the above right or send in a check to Full Circle.