Training For FCRP Model

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The Full Circle Recovery Process “FCRP”.

We have faithfully demonstrated a process that works! This is quite in depth. It is not just a fellowship or meeting. This is a process that fills in the gap in the community, to create a loving and safe place for people coming out of critical transitions. It is a before, during and aftercare support system.

We know it is a valuable part of one’s life and a great compliment of support in many ways. This process addresses many needs that are typically not found in one location. As indicated on our home page, here are some of things the process includes:

The “FCRP” has been successfully demonstrated for both adults and children in diverse life transitions such as:

  • Addictions
  • Fear
  • Resentment
  • Loss/Bereavement

Core elements of the FCRP include:

  • Age appropriate support groups
  • Biblical Teachings
  • Interactive Activities
  • Nourishing Meals
  • Community Resource Referral Services
  • Food and Furniture Delivery
  • Mentoring  and Sponsorship
  • Raising up volunteers

We would like to replicate this and teach/train you how to implement a support process like FCRP!

*We are moving towards digitizing the program for it to be shared around the country.

-Outline of weekly evening program and extended services

-Sample of outline of resources to connect with in your community 

-Curriculum and process for adults, teens, 5-2 and pre-k

-Guidelines recommended

-What works and what doesn’t

If you have a heart and passion to impact others, raise funds and can recruit/lead a team to work with you – you have what it takes!

If you would like to discuss how to do implement this, and would like any materials, or to have us train volunteers please contact us at

Since Full Circle is operated on donations, we ask that we can negotiate an appropriate donation to the organization for the time invested.