Thanks Friends of Full Circle for your compassion for our Christmas Giving to People in Need!



Thank you Friends of Full Circle for your generosity for our Christmas Giving!

Christmas FC 2019Christmas FC 2019

Together we were able to help 18 families have a better Christmas with more food and or gifts. Many come from hardships such as loss of home, job, death, domestic violence, addictions and more. They are trying their best to create a new path of hope and stability for their family.  We are filling in the gap. Perhaps a smile to a child’s face made all the difference in the world to them by getting a Christmas Gift Card of $100.00. Your donation was a blessing to many.

Larry and I appreciate your partnership with us. We continue to need support for Critical hardships for the families in need. They continue to happen as we meet new families. If you would like to talk and or meet with us to make periodic donations or be part of the programs we are trying to create, please contact us at or Contact on this website!


Our Mission: Support people in transition from homelessness, addictions and hardships. Provide training and equipping of the recovery process, advocates of community resources and individual mentoring.

Our Vision: Teach/Train when possible, mentor and collaborate with individuals and organizations focused on supporting people during life transitions. Full Circle has successfully developed and tested a proprietary program that integrates the proven 12 step program with Christian fellowship techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy principles to deliver a unique and effective Christian recovery process.

We call this the “Full Circle Recovery Process” or FCRP.

The FCRP has been successfully demonstrated for both adults and children in diverse life transitions such as:

  • Addictions
  • Fear
  • Resentment
  • Loss/Bereavement

Core elements of the FCRP include:

  • Age appropriate support groups
  • Biblical Teachings
  • Interactive Activities
  • Nourishing Meals
  • Community Resource Referral Services
  • Food and Furniture Delivery
  • Mentoring  and Sponsorship
  • Raising up volunteers

In addition to offering teaching/training to other community groups, churches or like-minded organization the FCRP, we are moving towards Digitizing & Packaging the FCRP Program to share and reach more people.

Also we will remain mentors whenever possible and through an online support system, as well as personal sharing, prayers with individuals and families through outings and gift giving.

  • Women/teens Susan Benedict Face Book Page for inspiration/encouragement through articles, scriptures, quotes and beauty to empower women.
  • Full Circle Face Book Page


Looking ahead:

Full Circle is working diligently to foster opportunities to be advocates of key resources  within our network through the following key initiatives.

  • Advocates of key community resources that provide critical needs and work skills development to assist our target population to gain valuable access and work experience to help them transition to a productive and self-sufficient lifestyle.  Develop a resource database to access on our website in North & South California. Collaborate when possible.
  • Entrepreneur Business Training Program/Seed funding for people with felonies and misdemeanors (Defy Ventures)

-Net work with individuals and resources

-Provide information

Critical needs to families and veterans in transition:

  • Support their Security Deposits as they transition into permanent housing
  • Child Care needs for families that don’t qualify for aid
  • Critical bills & car repairs
  • Gas and food cards; tokens for public transportation
  • Holiday gifting

Entrepreneurship & Educational Programs for people interested in Trade School:

  • Cosmetology, Carpentry, Electric, Dental Assistant, etc.,

Veteran Programs

  • Job opportunities
  • Down payment on homes, loan referral service
  • Service Dog Program for Veterans with PTSD
  • Exploratory work on a process designed to funnel volunteers and financial resources to key community service providers.