Meet Lily and family!


Saturday is a day my family and I look forward to, not just because it is the weekend but because we meet at FC. Coming to the ladies group is something I look forward to because it’s where I find hope, peace, serenity, acceptance and spirituality which is most important. It ‘s a place where I always feel welcomed and loved. My children love coming not just because of the treats and seeing their friends, but they continue to make new ones. They really look forward to seeing them and chatting about their own issues and studying about Jesus Christ. And without realizing it, they are getting closer to Him by doing so. Least to say, we are graciously helped with food donations that are always needed and greatly appreciated by the excited youngest attendees to the parents that may be struggling to make ends meet. We thank FC for being here for us, from the founders, the child care helpers, wonderful volunteers and everyone who donates to them, whether it is time or supplies. We want you to know whether you are directly or indirectly involved it has made my family happier one way or another. Thank you all for being a part in our FC. May God bless you all with even more than you have given to us from spirituality to hope, love, peace, tranquility, but most importantly the strength to go on and continue with our daily journey to a better life and thereafter. ~Lily- family of 5

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