Christmas Blessings!

Full Circle is getting ready for Christmas! We are planning our annual Christmas party for our fellowship!

We are partnering with Toys for Tots, and talking to merchants for gift card donations!  So far several have been receptive. We are also praying for partners to donate Walmart and Target Cards so that everyone who attends will be blessed with something!

This year we are adding Christmas cookie decorating and ornament making for the children. We hope Santa will pay another visit too. We are currently underway working on the music program, food and more!

We always pray about a family to bless and take somewhere for Christmas. We are hoping to go down to San Diego for the Parade of Lights! This year we are going to do a first and take the gals from our support group to lunch at Bucca’s… extra special treat!

During this rush for blessing others for Christmas  and getting ready for the New Year, I am always convicted to stop and remember that we are celebrating this because Jesus was born to come and save us!  Do you know Jesus today? If not please pray for openness to know the only one that can give us everlasting  joy!

(If you are interested in partnering with us, please consider making a donation right here by clicking on the DONATION button  top right. You can donate through Pay Pal and use your Credit Card even if you do not have a Pay Pal account. Checks can also  be made payable to Full Circle and mailed to the address on the donation page, as well as gift cards.  Please indicate where you would like the funds to be designated).

Thank you  for your consideration!

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