Donation Blessing

We received a call over a month ago that a friend of Full Circle’s passed away. His name was Chris and he met Larry at local 12 step meeting in 2012. Larry shared with him about our passion to help others and that we were starting a non-profit. Chris was quick to want to help us! He was a board member of a local charity Health and Harmony. He guided us to submit our first proposal for a grant and went to work to present it. We were blessed with a grant to help kick off Full Circle in 2012.. He remained in touch and stopped by a few times and even brought another board member to our fellowship!

When we received this call not only were they informing us of Chris’s passing but that in his honor they were considering another grant for Full Circle. We have since been approved and received the grant. God’s ways and timing are sometimes unexpected. We were sad about the passing but thankful for the grant/donation to help us continue through the end of the year with some extra support!

Thank you Chris and thank you Health and Harmony! We will miss you Chris!

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