Full Circle’s Fellowship temporarily at 1148 N. Melrose Dr. in Vista CA

We were thrown off course in January when we found out we needed to leave the building we were at for 2 years on Saturdays for our fellowship. That was not on the New Year’s agenda for Full Circle.

As part of the recovery process, we teach about how we are powerless and our life has become unmanageable. And also how a power greater then our self restores us to sanity. Well this has applied to our situation 10 fold. Ouch! We teach this and yet it was difficult for us to handle and apply! We are doing so day by day. As with any unwanted change, plan, addiction it is hard to let go and accept.

A friend reminded me about this scripture verse which I am holding on to.

“And my God will meet all our needs according to HIS riches in glory in Christ Jesus! And a word picture she saw was that God has something up his sleeves…..and HIS sleeves are big! Hmmmmm….

Well so far……one of the community resources we work with has graciously allowed us to move our Saturday gig to their location for several weeks as we search out locations for rent. We are uncovering a lot more then we bargained for in the community, but are trying to be steadfast that God will provide the perfect location for Full Circle at this time. Not only for the Saturday fellowship, but also for our expanded services such as youth rallies,
resource center, mid week groups/activities/studies, storage for furniture and some food distribution.

Hopeful and clinging to God and our vision and that He hasn’t taken us this far with out much more ahead.

If you would consider a donation for our building and operation fund, please click on the pay pal button or you can write a check to Full Circle!

Thank you and God Bless!

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