What is the biggest area that makes us unique?

What is the biggest area that makes us unique?

`We focus on the children and teens going through transition along with their families! We teach them a better way of life with JESUS and RECOVERY PRINCIPLES and how to communicate, make better choices and change behavior age appropriately! We have a before, during and aftercare support system for the whole family that includes a weekly fellowship, food delivery, networking for furniture/household items, sponsorship, friendship and more! Would you consider helping us or directing us to PEOPLE/BUSINESS CONTACTS IN COMMUNITY TO INVEST IN A CAUSE THAT HELPS CHANGE LIVES!

We have submitted proposals and are attempting to network about a potential building in the Vista Community that would encompass oour Saturday Fellowship and services during the week!

We are seeking financial partners/investors in this rental for the first year! We are submitting local grants and reviewing more opportunities! Would you consider a partnership with us for this building where so many wonderful things can happen?

10 partners: $2,200.00

8 partners: $3,300.00

6 partners: $4,400.00

4 partners: $6,600.00

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