Here we go 2014!

Ah! A must needed holiday break! We enjoyed last Saturday off even though we continue to serve during the week when we can! We ended the year with a spectacular Christmas party for our peeps! Good food, gift cards donated for adults, toys for tots gifts for the children and a “divine” meeting that led to local students with their leader Steve perform a dazzling Christmas performance with a light show! There were no seats left! I will post some pictures here soon.

Now we are back on for January on Saturdays! We wait with anticipating for tonight and the future. We are praying for more of HIS presence and balance to meet the labor intensity and organization that is required for preparation for this night. We look forward to meeting more volunteers to give of their time, church partnerships to serve Saturday and to grow to help continuously with the felt needs of many.

To kick off this new year we will be focusing on the felt needs and partnerships, some grant application submissions, more volunteers and the youth!!! THE YOUTH! Where it all started for me (SUSAN)! We have some Drug prevention and awareness ideas to present through Full Circle, a team of youth leaders that will hopefully grown and more activities!

Here we go 2014!

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