God has given us a great love

It has come to mind more and more lately that God has given us a great love o extend to others coming out of hardships and despair that gives us the strength to extend a hand during transition week after week at our fellowship and all the additional services every day. It’s either JESUS or my husband and I are insane for the sacrifices made day in and day out. I don’t say that with a boastful spirit, but with a true love for the people we serve.

I was told one time you must really have a calling to do what you do! For us the love comes easy. We could love, listen and support people all night and more that we interact with! In fact we prefer it because there is a deep level of authenticity that we don’t encounter too often. It is the labor intensity and need for volunteers and funding that is a great challenge. Sure we do have our share of relational and behavioral issues to contend with as so many people are in a transformation stage and certainly not perfect. But who is?

What an honor we get to be part of the transformation process and a stop on the road for someone who is growing, seeking, and reaching out. When I think about this, it gives me the encouragement to go on!

Won’t you join us in this transformation opportunity?

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