Fundraising thoughts

We have been in the process of an online fundraising platform campaign. It was something new to try and we didn’t know completely how it worked or what the potential was going to be. With under 27 days left and communicating through Face Book, emails, texts and Linked In, we haven’t faired so well. But with everything it is a learning experience and through it we have obtained a lot of connections through Linked In. The flip side is we hopefully will get more exposure and potential interest in our organization over time. We post and communicate a lot about our mission, needs and yes we ask for donations. We wonder if people get tired of hearing about it? We can only be diligent in our service to people and advertise different fundraising options in the hopes that one day someone or several people/ groups will believe in what we are doing and help us in a greater capacity with time, goods and funding.

We connected with a few groups with similar focuses as addiction on Linked in. I don’t know why I was surprised to get a mocking comment about the cross in our logo and a comment about why God asks for money? Wow. God isn’t asking for money, we are asking? Why? Because it takes money to help people. My husband and I give our time and our own personal money with this adventure. We have a great love for the people we serve and we don’t expect everyone else to or care about what we are doing. But as with any Non-Profit or “cause”, you have to get the word out in the hopes that the people who do believe may want to rally around the cause and give of their time and yes money. We are a self-supporting organization. My husband and I do not get paid for what we do. One day if grants come in or millionaire philantrarists believe in what we do, perhaps my husband can work full-time for Full Circle so we can accomplish so much more.

I read once that if we “Speak out loud” and “Pray” about our thoughts, desires and dreams God will bless us. We have seen God work in the past. We are trying to do our part and hold on and trust God will bring about provision for our needs in time. It’s not an easy road and we wonder sometimes why God has given us this great love and desire to help people better their lives from hardships and addictions, while we have our own hardships, but we trust HE knows more than us and we keep on persevering. The people we serve are a blessing and they bring us a delight!

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