More Sobriety Birthdays

Floyd, Larry, Addie and Nick

I shared recently about how we celebrate Sobriety birthdays as well as other victories each month. This monthly we had 2 Saturdays to celebrate. One just for Crystal because it was her special  1 year  the night of our fellowship and we couldn’t go by without singing Happy Birthday.  This past Saturday at our Vista Fellowship was extra special also because my husband, Larry celebrated 6 years. He has been amazing, steadfast and committed to Jesus, me and helping others! We pray for the time he can do this even more then now.  We had the privledge of having a special mentor of my husband’s be there and introduce him with a story in the earlier days. Now how many times did I say special…I think 3 and going to say it once more! So I guess you know this was a special night!  Thank you Jesus for all the people we get to meet on our journey that bring enhancements to our lives. Thank you for the people we get to meet and share in their successes! Looking forward to more!

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