Praise Report and Prayer

Since May we have been on a plight to build awareness to grow our ministry and non-profit. Part of that includes raising financial support. At the end of August things were looking a little scarey as we did not have any rent money and infact we were in the red. My husband and I have been meeting with a few people and organizations and many more to go.  As we stepped out more aggressively to present the vision and mission and do our part, God blessed us. We are really thrilled.

This month we have received funds from 2 families in our life to cover our rent through November 1st. We are so grateful and it is so unexpected we are still stunned.  We have also received a gift of a chest freezer that will hold food donations we receive for our Saturday venue.  We continue on with our goals to raise needed funds of 6,100.00 by end of December. This covers rent, insurance, incidentals, our filing fees for our non-profit progression and 2,000 for a needed van for transportation of people for Saturday’s and donation pick up.

Nothing to great for our God. This is really encouraging when things get rather challenging. Please join us in prayer that God would continue to have favor on the growth of Full Circle and needed funds would come in so we may prosper.  And that everyone would be blessed through our fellowship and extended services as we grow!



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