Saturday night with the Youth

Last Saturday, was a busy night at our Vista Fellowship at Full Circle. We had youth from Worship Central Church stop by to perform dramas and minister to the kids in attendance. Second time they partnered with us. Always a little hectic. I asked a few youth how it went and they seemed to really enjoy it. I also heard some of our Adult helpers may have accepted Christ! Wow, that’s exciting. Next time we need to video tape it.

Sometimes we come with great burdens on our shoulders to get this night off successfully as we deal with our own personal life and challenges. But during the course of it, when the people come from different programs etc in the community and we can just talk with them, love them and share in our groups our thoughts, we are blessed tremendously. Everyone who comes makes it so worthwhile and reminds us about our passion! Thank you everyone for letting us be part of your life so intimately. We pray you are blessed in some way.

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