Sobriety Birthdays

Some of the folks that attend our fellowship are working through sobriety! We like to share in their victories! This past Saturday we celebrated 5 birthdays, totalling 24 years of sobriety. Way to Go. It is so wonderful to see how people transform before our eyes every week. They are an inspiration as they better their lives. It is encouraging for me and my husband Larry. It reminds us as to why we do this every Saturday and serve all week trying to impact the lives of many.

We find sometimes its the small things that people need during their transitions that make all the difference.  Perhaps a ride somewhere,  or a special treat to the beach.  Maybe just a phone call or prayer.  Or looking for some beds as they move.  We do this when we can. And it always is turned back on us as a complete blessing. It’s always better to give then receive as they say.

Speaking of giving, If anyone in the San Diego has a Queen mattress or 2 twins, please contact us at There is a single mom of 2 boys looking for this as she moves.

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