Serving 6 years in the community! Happy Birthday Full Circle!

Just doing some reflecting from the last 6 years serving in this capacity. It has been amazing to meet so many people, to be involved in there lives, to hear their hurts and accomplishments and to walk alongside of them through good and bad and love them! For this I (we) are blessed. It is also rare to meet volunteers that serve faithfully because they love Jesus and everyone they serve regardless of the imperfections around them. Thank you for those who gave long term commitments and still are! You know who you are! For the people that judged and criticized, you have inspired me to be better and strive not to do so. Leading, developing and maintaining an organization through managing, coordinating, building relationships, networking/raise funding, accounting/admin, implementing a weekly outreach to include dinner, talk, children programs, support groups, transportation, set up and clean up, putting out multiple fires all at once, loving others and building relationships all at the same time with limited help and a busy personal and work life is not easy. We took on this endeavor because God gave us a vision, heart and desire! We thought we would raise more funds sooner, my husband would be able to work at Full Circle, have more committed volunteers and paid staff to help us, but we did not. Our shortcomings are ever so present under stress! We ask for grace and forgiveness for not being perfect! Our heart is to serve our King and bring life changing messages, tools and most of all love to the hurting. We are all broken in some way. Our goal has been to have a support base. Someone recently shared we are a place of love. Thank you for that. Thank you to those who see beyond the imperfections. The phrase “you never know until you walked in my shoes” is ever so accurate! Jesus says our treasures are in heaven! I am looking forward to that! Thank you everyone for the opportunity to serve you! You have been and are a delight!

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