Robert sharing experience with Full Circle

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My Name is Robert Balignasay. Over a year ago, I was brought to Full Circle for a meeting by guys in Drug Court. After the first meeting I felt welcomed into the Full Circle family! It didn’t matter who you were, what you have done, just as long as you showed up. The fellowship is positive, encouraging and spiritual. Since then I have made this my home meeting.

Larry explains what step we are working on with his own life experiences. Susan always knows everybody by name and gives us a hug and asks how are things going. I worked the Steps with Scotty and Floyd which gave me the spiritual aspect of the Steps, and how they are applied to our daily lives. I have a relationship with my higher power, Jesus Christ, because of Full Circle and allowed me to handle my mom’s passing on October 15th 2012 and then my brother passing on May 6, 2013. Full Circle has changed how I handle situations and treat people in my life. The handouts of the steps have been very helpful and a tool to reflect on that no other meeting does. Thanks Full Circle for being an instrument in my recovery!

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