Larry and I both have mentored many through our “FCRP” and extended services. Though we are not leading a fellowship anymore, we have a passion to impact others when possible. Larry does this on a daily basis. He would welcome a call if you are struggling or need support in recovery or your faith. We can always refer you to someone as well.

Larry and Susan interact and communicates through Full Circle Face Book Business Page. Susan also does this on her Business Page Susan Benedict to share and bring about conversation on God, Health, Inspiration and more. It is filled with beautiful images, scripture, quotes and thoughts on inspiration and encouragement. We would welcome your interaction, questions or prayer requests.

We meet individually with people and families for mentoring and family outings, gift giving and more.

In addition we have a platform through Susan’s website at that is a continuation to her Face Book Page.

We are both committed to love, serve and build businesses.

We will be expanding further as we continue to redesign our services.