Speaking Opportunties: Entrepreneur Business Program, Recovery, Women Empowerment

full-circle-final2Both Larry and I are skilled public speakers. We would like to offer opportunities that fit the audience.

Larry speaks the truth from the heart on his experiences that brings the reality of Recovery and aftercare to the forefront. He passionately would like others to have the encouragement to go on and change the course of their life. He can bring authenticity and thought provoking speaking to groups.


-Recovery-“Back to Reality”

-What does “faith” have to do with it?


Susan has come with a background of speaking in business, youth, and volunteer recruitment. As she pursues working on her own businesses, together with her leading many book studies about how God see’s women as the crown of creation, worthy and powerful. Her desires are to encourage and empower women in how God created them and to find their destiny and chase their dreams! She will bring this to her audience

-“Dare to Dream” – Empowerment & Self-Worth

                                      (Discovery Passion Survey)

                                  – Knowing God’s love                                      –


Together with Larry they have met many people from critical transitions – including prison and having felonies and misdemeanors. This past year they stumbled upon and opportunity made available through “Defy Ventures” that offers a long-distance Entrepreneur Business Program to people with felonies and misdemeanors to cultivate their skill and talent into something tangible. They also offer ways to obtain “seed” money through their organization. Being advocates of “Defy Ventures”  Larry and Susan are choosing to share it with audiences that it applies to.

Entrepreneur Business Program  Overview and Opportunity

Look for more updates and opportunity. Please contact us at fullcirclesd@yahoo.com if you would like us to speak about any of these topics at your location! Larry is available most evenings and weekends. Susan is available during normal business hours.

(Since Full Circle is operated on with donations, we ask that a negotiated donation is made for each speaking engagement).